Foul Monkeys Podcast

About Us

The Foul Monkeys Podcast (FM) is an LGBT podcast currently based in Chicago, IL.

The Foul Monkeys Podcast delivers sass with a smile. Join this delightfully deviant gay ginger duo as they entertain, titillate, and scandalize your ears with their thoughts, opinions, and adventures. Uncage these Foul Monkeys!

The Foul Monkeys Podcast was brought to life on April 29, 2006 after Ricky stumbled upon The Dawn & Drew Show. After listening to a few shows, he couldn’t help but create a show of his own. Ricky has had several co-hosts since 2006 which have each brought their own brand of drama & laughter. Who could forget the original Foul Monkeys Co-host Gina (Pronounced like Va-GINA)? Some of the other more memorable poo-slingers were Cedric, Nichole, Samantha and Julian. In 2011, Ricky decided to take the show on the road and move to Chicago, IL. After getting settled, Brad and Waylon joined the show until December 2013. After a short break Roger joined the most current rendition of Foul Monkeys.

After 3 years of wonderfully talented service, Roger departed the show and Adam joined the show! 2017 here we come!

The Foul Monkeys Podcast is a proud member of the Pride48 Podcasting network.

Ricky B

Ricky B (GINGER BEAR) is the founder of the Foul Monkeys Podcast. He decided to venture out into the media world after listening to the Dawn and Drew Show. Ricky was born in Alexandria VA, and moved to South Western VA when he was three years old. After living in Christiansburg/Radford, VA for 19 long years, he moved to Lakeland, FL in 2002. In 2006 the Foul Monkeys Podcast was born. He attended the University of South Florida where he completed his Bachelors in Business Administration.

In 2011 Ricky decided to take the Foul Monkeys Podcast on the road and move to Chicago, IL. He now resides in the city of Chicago and works for a non-profit organization. His life revolves around a great group of friends, which he constantly talks about on Foul Monkeys. His interests include: photography, music, movies, food and all things Latino.

Favorite Quote
"Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened" -Dr. Seuss

What is your favorite thing about your Co-Host?
How his teeth brings out his eyes.

What is your biggest pet peeve about your Co-Host?
His constant "singing".