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Monday, July 16th, 2007

Lala, from the Pink G33k Podcast is in the hizzle.  We start out late because Ricky and Herbe had to get their eat on at Romano’s. Lala and Ninja (Sister) are the video game g33k girls?  We go over some Lala life stuff and then move on.

Transformers, GI Joe, and other movie stuff is talked about.  Transforming vagina’s make Ricky uncomfortable. “Thinking for yourself is bad, Ricky.” says Lala.

Lala wants her roommate to be super gay!  Best friends don’t make good partners!

Wii, Wii, and more Wii. Email us with your Wii number!

We talk about Myspace sluts. We all know who they are, Candi, Heather, Christie, and Butt Nugget.

Go check out Pop Trash Radio.  They rock and we love them.

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